Christmas Sale


Half Day 

Approxmiately 3 hours long. Meet and fly a range of gorgeous birds of prey in the rolling Kent Countryside. From Barn Owls, to Bengal Eagle Owls and Harris Hawks, this is sure to make any nature lovers dream come true this Christmas. 

From £65  £52.00


Owl Experience

Delve into nature on this 2 hour experience where you will meet and fly our team of feathered friends. Get up close and personal and enjoy the hoots and hisses right here on Honnington Farm. Indulge their feathery fantasies this Christmas with an Owl Experience.

From £45 £36.00



Hawk Walk

Meet our resident harris hawks on a fabulous 2 hours session as we walk them through the countryside. Witness them fly overhead before landing on your glove on this thrilling experience day! The ideal gift for thos thrill seekers this Christmas!

From £45 £36.00

Bird of Prey Intro

Dive deeper into the world of falconry and explore how things are done. Learn the innfamous Falconers Knot and so much more on this thrilling session. You can also get up-close and personal with an array of birds of prey!


From £45 £36


Junior Discovery Day

Perfect for all ages. Get the kids involved and watch as they meet and fly our wonderful birds of prey. capture their faces as they watch an Owl fly to them or a Hawk dive to them on this exciting 2 hour session. 


From £35 £28


Photography Days

Fantastic 2 hours sessions to the natural backdrop of the Countryside here on Honnington Farm. Capture still life and in-flight shots of beautiful birds of prey with tips and tricks throughout from the wonderful Paul Turner!

From £40 £32