Your wedding is one of the most incredible days of your life. Here at Sky Birds of Prey we have a
range of displays and packages that are sure to make your day truly unforgettable.

Static Display

Our static displays are truly one of a kind, with a range of stunning Owls, Hawks and Falcons, we have a
display for every occasion. Get up close and personal and meet some of our most famous Birds of Prey!
A static display includes anything from upwards of 3 Birds of Prey perched delicately on their bows. A space
of 15x3m is required for a vehicle to park near the display

Meet & Greet

As your guests arrive to your venue they can be greeted by one of our falconers handling a Bird of Prey!
Witness your guests in awe as they are ushered in by a Hawk, Owl or even a falcon!

Ring Bearer

Make your special day truly one of a kind and watch as your Wedding Bands are delivered down the aisle by
one of our trained Birds of Prey! From stunning Barn Owls to a regal Bengal Eagle Owl, we’re sure we have
a Bird of Prey for your Big Day.
A few rehearsals are required to ensure all expectations and handling go as smoothly as possible.

Flying Display

Entertain your guests and watch as our magnificent Birds of Prey stoop and soar above your venue in a
display like no other. Ranging anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes.
There’s even the chance for your guests to have a Bird of Prey fly to their gloved hand with plenty of photo


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