Honnington is home to over 500 Acres of land and stunning Kent Countryside. On these grounds we complete Corporate Company days which is a great way to complement your staffs efforts across the year! These Corporate days are currently under way from April until October and will include a number of the following possible activities.

Wildlife walks

Walk the beautiful grounds of Honnington and experience the array of different forms of wildlife present.

Art Classes

At Honnington we host a number of local Artists and many Art Classes for the beginners and the more skilled. Materials are provided and tuition if needed.

Photography Workshops

Sky Birds has partnered with Paul Turner. An award winning photographer. Leading the way to show and educate you on the tools that you may or may not be aware of within your camera. Furthermore, Themed days are also available!


Witness this age old art and be at one with the Birds of Prey, watch them in flight  in the boastful Kent countryside. Learn what equipment is used to bring these birds back every time. Learn the calls. Their eyes. Their talons.

Owl Experience

If the wonder of Owls is your thing this is definitely an option you should consider. Handling and flying numerous owls with the grounds of Honnington. Watch as they glide across the ground and land silently on your hand. You are sure to marvel at the beauty of the Birds.

Archery & Rifle Shooting

Be at one with a bow and experience what it takes to fire an arrow and hit a target! Archery is a great skill to learn, from its teachings in discipline and strength, to mastering the intense focus that is needed to hit that target!

These days can be relaxing, educational and exciting. Moreover, they can be designed by you.

For more information please contact us on info@skybirdsofprey.co.uk