Throughout the whole year Sky Bird Of Prey Display Team tour the UK with our extensive collection of birds, putting on educational flying displays and static bird displays at shows and fetes

As predators at the top of the food chain Birds of Prey are complex creatures, each with there own habits and characteristics. Our displays builds on this uniqueness with demonstrations of the different flying techniques adopted by the different species of bird, whether they be a hawk, falcon or owl. Our team make the displays not only visually exciting, but educational and above all, fun! Audience participation is not uncommon! We also have working dogs which can work in harmony with the birds, adding a whole new dimension to a flying display.

And if you think you don’t have the room for a flying display, think again. We can adapt one to almost any size of venue. And there is always our static displays where you are able to get up close to the birds and learn all about them from our experienced falconers. The size of the stand can range from just 2 or 3 birds, up to 20 at certain times of the year. We also offer a photographic service which gives you the opportunity to have your picture taken with one of our feathered team!

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