Taking your team into the outdoors is a great way of breaking down ‘barriers’. And that’s exactly what we aim to do. 

Team building exercises are a great way to improve productivity and general satisfaction in a working environment. So, we can help by tailor making a day to suit you! Dependant on the task in hand, the way in which a group functions can vary enormously. Each member should appreciate the contributions given by their colleagues. 

Sometimes it’s as simple as learning more about the people you work with, and sometimes it’s complicated, such as working through complex issues or defining long-distance communication. A tailor-made Team building Event allows you to do this by taking some time away from the workplace. Additionally, through discussion, brain storming, role play and goal setting, we can provide a fresh perspective to any issue. 

Archery and Rifle Shooting 

Archery and Rifle Shooting can provide a more straight forward and literal approach to hitting targets set in the work place. In addition, not only can it build each individuals confidence but we also encourage sportsmanship and praise as each member takes their turn.

Moreover, not only is it a great and exciting exercise it’s also a great way to let off steam. 

Birds of Prey

Taking part in a Bird of Prey Display can help your Team understand what it means when you let someone do what they know best. They can take time with their colleagues to reflect on strengths and weaknesses. They can relax as they witness the Birds take flight in the boastful Kent Countryside. 

Also, members can enjoy a fresh perspective, achieve a sense of focus, build confidence and prepare for the real challenges ahead. A Team event has a positive effect on the morale, motivation, and effectiveness of a team. It can also show immediate improvements in the work place. Using a specific Brief, each team building event can be tailor made. By working closely with you and your company we aim to ensure the most appropriate and effective programme.

Our Team building programmes, designed and tailored specifically to each group, help to create and nurture successful, professional and productive teams.

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