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Birds and Bows


Ever fancied a true medieval experience? With this experience you will learn what it’s like to fire a modern archery bow and compare it to a historically styled bow! Within our Archery range, you will get to test the different strengths and accuracy of different bows followed by a cross bow toward the end! Your scores will be monitored and given to you at the end of the day. You will then walk away with your falconer and step back in time and learn the real purpose of training birds of prey. To catch food!

You will get to fly and experience the Harris Hawks of Honnington’s flying ability and then, with the use of Dummy Bunny Rodger, witness how to catch quarry from your fist. A great morning of learning with hands on entertainment. 

  • 9-30am Book In, Sign In,
  • 9-45am Safety Briefing
  • 10am depart for Archery Range.
  • 10-45 depart Archery Range and Meet the Harris Hawks.
  • 11-45 Return to reception to Declare Scores
  • 12-00 Depart or Lunch at additional fee 

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Participants: £5.00£35.00
Fudge Tawny Owl

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