Show Pack

It is essential you read all of the information below completely before submitting your form enquiry. Submitting this form does NOT guarantee your booking. A deposit must be paid to secure us attending your event.

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Display/organisers pack 2024

Due to your recent enquiry to book an event, you have received this Show Pack. To confirm a booking, the details of your event will need to be secured by a deposit of £100 per date. This is payable via an invoice which will be issued upon the acceptance of the quotation provided. The details that follow provide you with all the information that has been asked and a copy of the details that you will require for any event purpose. Please read the following and complete the attached form to complete your booking. A quote will be sent once this has been received.
We are insured Via Cliverton Insurance, along with employer’s insurance. A copy is available upon request
Required Licensing
We conform to all the required licensing, carrying a current Zoo Licence.

Risk Assessments

We offer a generic risk assessment that can cover most events. However, a more detailed site specific detail can be provided on request, for a fee.

Static Display Area

What’s Required of you – 
The static Display area will need to accomodate one vehicle/van and two 3×3 pop up marquees, so, an area or 10×4 meters is required. Please note that othe vehicle will need to be moved to the arena (flying area) to perform the flying displays. We also require a public free route behind us, for example, a headge row, fencing etc. as our stand has a face side. Please contact us reagrding siting is you are unsure. Our vehicle forms part of our stand so vehicular access is essential. The venue will be required to provide a source of water. if there is not one readily available, we can provide our own. if there is no access to water at your venue or event, please indicate this on the form below. 

What’s included – 

We provide all of our own housing and barrier fencing for the event. The birds have water available at all times (dependant upon weather conditions). The marquees control the amount of sunlight they are open to. The stand is always manned by experienced handlers to observe and care for the birds well-being. A static display consists of two 3×3 pop up marquees, under which our birds are placed out on their perches to enjoy the sun, have a bath and take in their surroundings prior to any flying display. tthe static display is fenced off, but the public are welcome to approach the stand and ask any questions they want and take photos and videos if they like. 


In light of the devastating Corona Virus, we have implemented the following precautionary measures within our displays and experience days to ensure the safety of our staff and the public.
Hand Sanitiser and/or clean water will be provided and available to our staff throughout any given event. We also stress the importance of coughing and/or sneezing into the elbow as opposed to your hands.
Public handling at our events and displays will slightly change. Hand sanitiser and disposable gloves are essential for anyone handling our Birds of Prey. Hand sanitiser is applied first followed by a disposable glove and some more hand sanitiser before finally putting on the leather gauntlet supplied. After each event any leather gauntlets used will be further sanitised and quarantined for a minimum of 72 hours after use. Face Coverings / Social Distancing
For experience days and displays, face coverings/masks are not mandatory, however, our staff are more than happy to wear one throughout your event if this is something you require. Please ensure
you adhere to the social distancing rules of 2 meters where possible, we do require our staff and the public to wear a face mask/covering if coming within 2 meters of a member of each other.
The above precautions and hygiene practices are essential for use to carry out our services and ensure the Health and Safety of our staff and the public. If a member of the public at your event are
not inclined to adhere to these precautions, I’m afraid they will not be able to take part in any handling and/or close encounters with our staff and the Birds of Prey.
Thank you, stay safe.


For any outdoor event we attend, the weather can play a major part in delivery. Unfortunately, this is something we are unable to compensate for and is in your hands. We will, however, always complete what we can to the best of our abilities.

Animal Welfare

For our displays, a great deal of time and effort goes into training our birds. Occasionally one may decide to vacate the display and we will need to track it down. Fortunately, by law, we must fly the birds with radio tracking equipment. We will be required to leave the flying area and track the bird down. The vehicle would need to leave site and return also.
The Hawking Centre conforms to all the required expectations of DEFRA and The Hawk Board when displaying Birds of Prey. This can be verified by visiting their respective websites.

Performing Animals Licence:
When you hold a Performing Animals Licence it means that, the owner and the Birds have both been visually and environmentally checked for both housing and method statements provided for cleaning, feeding, training, traveling, handling, and Vet Requirements.
To be awarded this licence you would have been checked by your local councils Environment Officer, they will ask you to provide all the required paperwork needed to complete demonstrations, and the animal welfare is tended to between displays. All the Birds on displays are closed rung and, if required, have the necessary documentation currently required within the EU.

Routes to destinations are carefully planned and the duration of the journey is considered and keptto a minimum. Breaks are given to the birds if the journey is over 120 minutes. Our travel boxes are from Falconry Fabrications, a leading Falconry Equipment supplier within the UK. Temperature throughout the journey is kept below 20 degrees via air conditioning.

Static Displays:
we provide all our own housing and barrier fencing for the event. The birds have water available at all times (dependant upon weather conditions). The marquees control the amount of sunlight they are open to. The stand is always manned by two experiences handlers to observe and care for the Bird’s well-being.


The venue will require, as within the boundaries stated, a source of water. However, if there is not one available, we can provide our own.

The venue will need a grassed area for a static display to be provided. The perches used are spiked and go into the ground. If the venue in question does not have this available, we will need to know in advanced as seperate equipment will be required.

for indoor events, sufficient parking must be provided by yourselves for us to carry out our duties We have a great deal of equipment we must bring with us to and from events to ensure teh welfare of our birds at all times. Where parking is not adequately provided, and wehre charges and/or penalty notices are incurred, this will be charged for by us in addition to any quotation. 


Flying area, size & location

What’s Required of You – 

We will need our vehicle to drive to and from the area where you require us to do the flying display. Appropriate marshalling will need to be provided for by yourself, under your guidance. The area the size of a tennis court or 20×20 meters is required for our flying displays. If the flying area is not fenced off, or clearly marked, it is the venues responsibility to ensure that the visiting public/audience do not walk or cut through the flying area during the display. 

What’s Included –

Flying display timings are available from MIDDAY onwards and not before. Flying Displays can last anywhere from 30-60 minutes and we are happy to tailor this to your event itinerary. During our flying displays, we like to offer the opportunity for the visiting public to handle the birds of prey. All of our staff are trained and up to date on any safety standards that need to be met whilst doing so. When public handling is involved within our displays, it involves a chosen member of the public to place a leather gauntlet (glove) on their left hand. The bird of prey will then be prompted to fly to them. This process is completed by flying the bird into the wind to encourage a safe and graceful landing. This is with one of our display  falconers present at all times. No direct handling, such as stroking, is allowed. The bird lands/stands on the gauntlet, and hand sanitiser will be offered if the member of the public requires it. Only the handlers feed the birds of prey, as their diet is controlled to enable the responses when flying. 

Public Handling

At venues we offer the opportunity for the visiting public to handle the Birds of Prey. All our staff are trained and up to date on any safety standards that need to be met whilst doing so. Public handling involves  a chosen member of the public to place a leather Gauntlet (Glove) on their left hand. The bird of Prey then flying to them. This task is completed with one of our Falconers present at all times. No direct stroking, touching of the birds of prey is allowed. Working with and handling birds of prey does come with some risks. Whilst we are trained to deal with many and almost all outcomes, we cannot be held repsonsible if a member of the public is harmed or injured as a result of ignoring our instructions.

The bird lands/stands on the gauntlet and hand sanitiser will be offered if the person requires it. Feeding of the birds of prey will be conducted by the falconers only.

Social Media

We have many social media platforms that we are happy to offer you to promote your event. A show media pack is available for you to use. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TripAdvisor are available along with Google.

Person of contact & payment

Once your order has been completed and the deposit received. The person with which we have an agreement will be responsible for completing payment within seven days of the show date. Any late payment of more than seven days will incur additional costs and will be passed on to our collection agency. We can be paid via Cheque – BACS – PayPal – Card. Additional fees may apply depending on your card of 2.5%

Cancellation Terms

Deposits are non-refundable.
Cancellations 30 days before event, will incur no additional fee after deposit.
Cancellations inside of the 30 days of the agreed date will incur a cost of 50% of the agreed fee, within 7 days of the event 100% of the agreed fee would be due.

If booking with 7 or fewer days until the date of the event and/or where a deposit is not applicable, any cancellation will incur 100% of the agreed fee. Refunds are not applicable in any instance.


After we have completed your event, we would love if you were able to  leave some form of feedback. You can either complete this from the media platforms stated above or via email. We aim to improve all of our services and your feedback would be much appreciated to help us do so!


We may have a collection box with which the public can place a donation. This is within the rights of your onsite Falconer to either perform or remove this element. Environmental
Aspects, along with public behaviour, will affect the decision to perform or remove this element.