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SBP Solutions is a local Kent based company that helps us support educational interactions. Covering London and the south east they cover many on site duties under contract or as required.

Pest Control

Got a bird pest problem, well not to worry as SBP Solutions can environmentally friendly clear you from your bird pest. We can do this using hawks and falcons to displace nuisance bird species from urban locations. We offer an number of ways to clear your problem by Hawking, Bird Proofing, Spike Installation & Bird Wire Installation. Not only can we remove your pest but can supply you with our specialist cleaning. Removal of bird waste and the cleaning of contaminated areas. No job too small or too big.

Pests that we cover are Pigeons, Gulls, Parakeets, Rabbits, Moles, Rats & Mice

Harris Hawks
The Harris Hawks are a fantastic answer to pigeons, medium in size and agility. These birds are naturally gregarious and are sometimes flown in pairs for greater effect. When a predator decides to reside within a populated area of pests, being at the top of the Food Chain, they choose to disperse.

Flying live captive bred predator birds to scare pest birds away from infested areas, especially awkward sites such as pylons, telegraph wires, radio masts, landfill sites, complex buildings, public places etc. can provide an effective solution. A variety of different predators are used as their suitability for different situations varies. This using basic predatory natural systems is a truly greener way of dealing with unwanted pests Contracts usually involve an initial intensive clearance period, followed by ongoing routine visits. 

Predator birds can be used in conjunction with other pest bird management techniques. Distress calls and/or dummy predator birds can be used to reinforce the scaring when the live predator birds are not being flown.  Proofing is recommended to help eliminate heavy pressure areas; and culling might be useful in eradicating the last few determined birds from an infestation.
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