Junior Falconry


Are you 10 or older? Ever wondered what it’d be like to be a falconer for the day? Well now’s your chance!

Join us for an educational 2-hour experience where you’ll learn exactly what it’s like to be falconer.  You’ll start your day off by meeting your professional falconer who will introduce you to the birds you will be experiencing throughout the day. They’ll start off by teaching you how to safely handle these magnificent birds, using the correct strategies and equipment. Soon after, you’ll be taught how to tether birds as well as learning how to tie the well known falconers knot.

Once you have completed the basics, it’ll be time to move onto managing the birds. In this part of your experience you’ll learn exactly why falconers weigh their birds and why it is crucially important. Furthermore, you’ll learn the diet of the birds and how a falconer prepares their food.

Finally, it’s onto the bit you’ve been waiting for, flying. Your professional falconer will show you how we train our birds from a very young age to come to the glove when they’re called. In addition to this you’ll get the chance to fly and encounter some of our most beautiful birds, such as, a Barn owl, Bengal eagle owl and a Harris hawk. You’ll be able to see first hand how silent and majestically these birds fly, all why you are in charge of the glove.  

*Parent or Guardian must accompany the voucher holder during experience.

(Experience Approximately 2 hours long) 

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Participants: £35.00
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