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Ever wondered what a falconer gets up to on a daily basis? Now’s your chance to embark on a experience where you’ll learn exactly the day to day routine of a professional falconer.

Your day will start by meeting your professional falconer. Firstly, they will give you a detailed insight into every bird’s physical features, hunting skills and natural behaviours, as well as teaching you the basic handling skills you will be using throughout the day. After, you will be shown the daily routine of a professional falconer. This includes how falconers ensure their birds stay at their optimum weight, as well as the management and husbandry of the birds.

After lunch you’ll get straight in and hands on with our wonderful birds. You’ll start by taking our beautiful owls for a flight where you’ll be able to experience first hand how silently and effortless these birds fly. Once your owl interaction has concluded, you’ll head out for a walk in the countryside on a Hawk Walk. You’ll experience our hawks flying majestically from tree to tree and throughout this time it’ll be you calling them to the glove to feed. Finally, you’ll a unique opportunity to experience a falcon at its fastest, flying high and swooping in close to hunt its prey at speeds of up to 200mph.

Finally, you’ll finish up by returning back to your original meeting point for questions and photos before heading home.


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Full Day exp
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