Birds Of Prey Intro


Ever wondered what it’s like to be a falconer? Get an insight into the beautiful world of falconry with our Bird of Prey Introduction. Enjoy spending time and flying different birds of prey in their natural habitat, the beautiful countryside.

After meeting your professional falconer, you’ll get straight in and hands on with our wonderful birds. Your falconer will give you a detailed insight into every bird’s physical features, hunting skills and natural behaviours, as well as teaching you the basic handling skills you will be using throughout the afternoon.

Once your initial insight has concluded, it’s gloves on and time for you to take charge of these magnificent birds. You’ll be taken into the beautiful countryside where you'll have the chance to see what they are truly capable of. You’ll experience the hawks flying majestically, following you from tree to tree, as well as the seeing the owls fly silently through the air. During this time, it’ll be you calling them to the glove to feed.

Finally, you'll finish up by returning back to your original meeting point for questions and photos before heading home.

(Experience Approximately 2 hours long)  

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Participants: £45.00
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